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Tesco Graduate Jobs

Tesco is keen to get a good mix of staff retention and internal promotion, along with bringing in new blood at the higher levels of their business to keep their ideas fresh and interesting. The best way for them to keep the new talent flowing in is through their Graduate Scheme.

If you keen on to Tesco graduate jobs, carry on readin this article.

If you have finished your degree course with a 2:1 or above, and you're interested in starting a career in retail then look no further than Tesco. With the huge variety of different roles, Tesco will give you a chance to challenge yourself in so many ways and get real hands-on experience. In addition Tesco are a company who really care about the people and the world around us, working towards tackling climate change by building environmental stores in every country that they have stores.

There are 17 different Tesco graduate schemes, one of which is bound to match your skills and ambitions.

Tesco take the personal development of every single employee very seriously too! On the Graduate Scheme you'll receive a personal development plan tailored to your strengths and areas which require further development, and you'll be encouraged to make the most fof all your development opportunities, such as CIPD qualification for HR graduates, or CIMA qualification for Finance graduates.

All employees receive an induction into the Tesco culture which will also cover the kind of training you can look forward to, and get to meet other Tesco graduates, which will offer you a chance to start building your network of contacts that will be invaluable throughout your career. Expect to do further training both in the store in the area of business that you will be working and in the classroom! Office and distribution graduates will spend at least two weeks learning the most important part of the business – in a store, where the customers are!

If you're interested in applying, visit the Tesco careers website, select the type of graduate scheme you would be interested in and apply online. If your application is successful you'll be contacted to carry out a telephone interview. If your interview goes well, you'll be asked to visit a store to meet employees and managers and have a Work Sample. If you pass all of those stages, you'll be asked to attend an Assessment Centre where you'll undertake various tasks both individually and as part of a team for the assessors to establish whether you are a suitable candidate.

If you're interested in enrolling in a Graduate Scheme, Tesco are currently looking for candidates to start the Graduate Scheme in September 2011. Most of the closing dates for Tesco to receive your application are in December 2010.

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