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If you're looking for a part-time job, perhaps to work around existing commitments such as caring for children, or study then you'll want to work for a company who prides themselves on their flexible working attitude and is open lots of hours to ensure that you can work the hours you are free... look no further than Tesco part-time jobs!

Tesco prides itself on offering jobs that can be flexible to suit your lifestyle, and since Tesco also offer an enormous variety of roles there's bound to be something to suit your skills and ambitions too. Tesco are also keen to encourage personal development in every single employee and hope to have 1 in 10 employees enrolled on a course either with Tesco or in their own time. What more can you ask for?

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So if you're interested in a part-time role at Tesco, then you'll probably expect to be filling roles in store or in the distribution centres across the UK. But there is much more to Tesco than this, and without the support and coordination of the Tesco Head Office employees, none of this would be possible. Tesco also has roles which could be part-time in Business Development, Commercial, Finance, IT, HR, Tesco Mobile, Customer Call Centre. And don't forget there are also other roles in the stores which you may not have thought about including Pharmacy, Clothing Buyers and for Tesco.com.

Even Tesco part-time employees will have the opportunity to get the same benefits as full-time employees including receiving Shares in Tesco after you have worked with them for a year, the opportunity to join savings schemes with excellent rates, a staff Privilege card which offers a discount on Tesco products.

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If you're interested in a Tesco part-time job in the Tesco stores or the distribution centres, Tesco encourages you to visit the store you hope to work in to speak to your colleagues, find out about vacancies and collect an application form. If you're interested in a Tesco part-time job at Head Office or in Tesco Pharmacy then you should browse the Tesco Careers website to find vacancies and apply online for the job.

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