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Tesco has more than  4,008 stores in the UK, the store count is currently 2350 and ever-increasing. Every other day Tesco is opening another store in the UK so our answer is 2350 to the question "How many Tesco stores are there in the UK?" and "How many stores do Tesco own in the UK?".

What is the best way of finding a Tesco store? Tesco thinks that the best way to find its stores is to use the Bing map! which they use on their own Tesco Store Locator page. As you know Bing is a Microsoft search company that is competing with Google!

While you are trying to find your desired Tesco store via Google, Tesco is using Bing Map! and Bing is using Multimap's mapping feature!

Use your full postcode in order to get the best result! There is a Tesco within 15 miles of almost every part of the UK! Unfortunately, when you are trying to find your Tesco store via Google you will get very little return, so you will be directed to the Tesco store locater website!

We aimed to tell you the best way to find your closest Tesco store with the biggest search engine in the world and while Bing and multimap are struggling to locate your nearest store on Tesco pages, Google can find things in seconds including the retail companies near you.

Tesco is regularly opening new stores and not necessarily adding the new store information on the software straight away so it's best to check both Google Maps and Bing-multimap together.

In this article, we intended to show you the ways of finding Tesco stores near you but we don't really take a side between Google and Bing, just use them both and get the most useful information that you need.



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