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Tesco to create 250 jobs in Tolworth

Retail giant Tesco are to create 250 new jobs in Tolworth. Tesco's plan to build a new store in Tolworth town has been rejected by the local council planners.

Critics focused on the idea of a new Tesco store would cause uncontrolable traffic and an increase in the prices of property in the area.

The new Tesco store will create at least 250 new jobs for the community and it will consist of a gym, car park, a hotel and of course the food store within a 4.2 acre field.

Tesco thinks that the new store would attract more traders to the town and would be an attraction and centre for the region. There would encourage more retailers coming to the area Tesco says.

Somebody in the town says: “I hope it goes ahead. We need investment that will draw more people to the area. I’ve lived here for 10 years and haven’t seen any improvements.”

However many people in the area both residents and traders have worries about the new Tesco store in their town. Existing local traders worry about the huge competition to their business and residents worry about the traffic, and increase on the house prices etc.

At the end, we will see whether Tesco will continue to seek permission to build this new store in Tolworth town, or give up and find somewhere else for this store, or build a smaller store than what was planned in the first place.

Surprisingly people who are living in Tolworth not very keen on 250 new Tesco jobs!

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