Behavioural Interview Tips

Behavioural Interviewing is all about the interviewer finding out about how you have behaved in various situations in the past. The technique was develeped during the 70's and about 30 per cent of all organizations use these types of questions to some extent, at all levels of interview. If you are a job searcher then it is vital to prepare for Behavioural Interview Questions.

Group Interview Tips

Employers use Group Interviews to understand how you respond in a group situation working as part of a team.

Telephone Interview Tips

More frequently these days employers use telephone interviews to identify those candidates which are suitable for employment, as a screening tool to narrow down the pool of applicants for interviews in-person.

If you are currently searching for a job, then you should be prepared to have a phone interview at some point during your application process. It is becoming more and more common for recruiters to unexpectedly call to see if you have a few minutes to answer some questions and discuss the vacancy further.

Nurse - Nursing Cover Letter For Job Applications

If you are going to apply for a nursing job and in need of Nursing covering letter example to write your own then here it is!

You should edit this letter for your own needs before using it for your own job application.

Data Analyst Cover Letter Example

Here is a free covering letter example of Data Analyst job. It's possible to use this letter for any other IT jobs as well.

Remember to edit this sample before using your job application. Insert your name, address and all other contact information such as email and telephone numbers.

Civil Engineer Cover Letter Example

Use this cover letter example to apply for the latest civil engineer jobs. You should amend

Chef Cover Letter Example

This free Chef covering letter example can be used for your job applications. Please edit the letter along with your requirements first and then send it with your CV. You can either attach or include it in your CV.

Chefs have a wide range of job opportunities; from a restaurant down the street or a kitchen of a giant hotel chain such as Hilton or Four Seasons.

Chef cover letter example

Jane Doe
1 High Street
Small Town

Mr Brown
Recruitment Manager
Speckled Hen Studios
Riverside Business Park
Big City AB12 3CD

Dear [Insert Name]

Qualified and Experienced Chef

I apply in writing to the advertised vacancy of Chef on the website.

I consider that with my 6 years of experience working as Head Chef in a busy local restaurant, I would be delighted to be considered for this position. I had the complete confidence of the manager of the restaurant and my proposals for new recipes were well received by management and guests alike, but I would now like to develop my career and work for a larger establishment.

With good knowledge and understanding of all working areas of a professional kitchen including fish, roast, grill, pantry and expeditor, and with a real passion for delivering excellent service every time, I consider I would be a great asset to your company.

I appreciate that working for a reputable and first-class establishment such as yours would be a real privilege and would therefore be delighted to have the opportunity to meet with you to explain what I could offer to your company.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Chef Cover Letter Example


Care Worker Cover Letter Exampe

You can use following covering letter example for your Care Worker job applications. You should edit the letter before sending it with your CV.

Accountant Cover Letter Example For Job Applications

Use this cover letter example to apply for the accountant job applications.

Cashier Cover Letter Example

Use this cover letter example for Cashier job applications. Make sure that you have amended this

Tips for Negotiating Salaries During a Job Interview

Find below some negotiation tips for the job salary during your interview:

1. Maintain a professional approach: Always be professional throughout the interview. This will show you as someone who is serious for keeping the job, therefore assisting with your overall aim to get the job, and means that the salary offer is also likely to be reasonable and serious.

How to Ask a Pay Raise - Asking For a Rise In Salary

Salaries are always a very important aspect of employee satisfaction. For example even if you find yourself in the perfect role, working with great colleagues in a brilliant company

How to Include Salary Expectations in a Cover Letter

If you're in the process of applying for a job then you'll also be thinking about your salary expectations. You might also be expected to include this in your Covering Letter. Firstly unless you are specifically requested to do so, it would be best to avoid discussing salary expectations within you covering letter or noting salaries in your CV.

At application stage you don't have anything more than the job description and you don't want to be written off from the interview with a salary expectation too high or too low.


We recommend that you don't raise the subject of salary expectations until you receive the job offer and/or the interviewer starts talking about it, although it is always wise to have a minimum figure in mind so that you are not completely off guard if the question comes up.

Read on: Salary negotiation during your job interview

If you are offered the job over the phone, it is reasonable to ask about the salary ranges for this role if it hasn't already been discussed. If you are successful and offered the position, it is vital that even if you verbally accept the role, you follow up with a letter and include details of the salary that you expect to receive in writing.

Read on to find out how best to open the subject of Salary Expectations, and also considers ways include salary expectations in a Cover Letter when applying for a job, plus offers a sample letter to do just that!

How to include Salary Requirements in a Cover Letter

This is made particularly difficult when many job adverts do not provide the employer's range of salary limits.

First it's best to understand why the employer is asking for your salary expectations:

Employers want to have a good understanding of the candidates that they are interviewing, and the current salary and/or salary requirements for your new role so that make an assessment of the level of expertise each has, and if they can afford to employ them. However the figures that you put forward could mean that your CV is not selected into the next process so you need to get it right.

1. If your salaty expectation is too high, your CV may go straight into the 'no' pile to avoid wasting time as they are not prepared to pay you the figure.

2. If you are a serious contender for the role, even though your expectation is higher than their limit then the employer may believe you will not be satisfied with a lower salary and leave if another opportunity came up.

3. If your salary expectations are set too low, your CV may be dismissed for a lack of experience or just as bad, land the job on a salary that is too low to sustain!

So it is vital to guage the salary expectations and inform the employer in a way that doesn't mean you miss out on your dream job and allows you to keep the door open for negotiation.

Your options:

1. If you really have no idea what salary might be appropriate you could simply state that the salary package is negotiable based on the total compensation offered, including benefits.
2. You could suggest a range of salaries that might be acceptable (from-to) once you have carried out some research into the current market, for example £22,000 – £30,000, with the lower number representing your minimum salary expectation.

Either of the alternatives listed above will put you in a good starting position and most importantly leave open the opportunity for negotiations at a later stage.

What to do first?

Your first task before settling down to write your letter is to do some research into the average salaries for the role, making sure you consider these items below;

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Salary survey and salary range

Take some time to look at industry reviews and advertised salary ranges for similar roles with a similar status to that which you are applying.

The company

You should also carry out some research into the company you are applying to as the salary they are expecting to pay will depend on the size of business and field of work. Also if there is likely to be travel with the role the salary is likely to be higher to compensate for this.

Location of vacancy

The cost of living varies considerably from one end of the country to the other, and in or out of cities. The location of the post will therefore make a big difference to the salary you can expect as an employee in the centre of London can expect to receive a higher wage than the same role in Newcastle there is a big difference in the cost of living in these two areas.

Supply and Demand

Another very important, if not the most important, factor is the availability of suitable candidates for the role. If there are many good candidates for the role with the same skills and qualifications then employers can set the salary slightly lower.

If on the other hand there are very few employees with the required skills or experience, for example several years ago there was a lack of qualified electricians, and we understand there is currently a lack of trained engineers in the north east, then the employer will have to offer a premium in the salary to attract the right level of employee to fill the role.

What about benefits?

There are some professions, such as sales and marketing, which rely on benefits rather than the salary. If this is the type of role you are applying for then you need to be sure you understand the process of pay and what the basic salary will be along with the likely income and any other benefits and how it is calculated.

Cross-candidate comparison

If the employer has asked for you to include salary expectations in your cover letter, then they'll have more knowledge about the other candidate's expectations than your. In other words they'll have the upper hand in negotiations because they can directly compare skills, experience, qualification and pay expectations and make judgements base on these. So it is important to get it right!

Sample cover letter with salary requirements

Dear [use name]

Application for [job role]

With excellent communication and training skills I am a qualified candidate for the vacancy advertised and consider I would be a valuable asset for the role.

The vacancy advert specifically asks for salary expectations and based on my experience and research into the role and market conditions I consider a salary range of £25,000 – £35,000 as a basic salary without extra benefits or supplemental payments.

I would be expecting remuneration of this order although it would be negotiable depending on the total compensation, training opportunities and other factors.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


photo by: the spider

Tesco Supermarket in Hamilton Amended - 150 Job Vacancies

The plans for a new supermarket on the site on industrial land between Hillhouse Road and Argyle Crescent, Hamilton which is rumoured to be taken over by Tesco have been revised.

The application to South Lanarkshire Council,

Tesco New Store at Bolton to Create 100 Jobs

Tesco have recently submitted plans to Bolton Council for their new store on the former Pennine Pet factory at Lever Street, Little Lever, Bolton, Lancashire.

The intention is to replace the Tesco Metro store

Tesco Halton Store - 400 Job Vacancies Created

The retail giant, Tesco, have now started recruiting to fill their 400 job vacancies at their new store on Ashley Retail Park in Cheshire.

Secretary - PA Job Application and Cover Letter Example

Secretarial roles are incredibly important in the office environment, and new employees should be computer literate

Tesco at Dartford to Provide 400 New Jobs

Tesco have just received planning approval for a new supermarket at Lowfield Street, Dartford, Kent which could provide 400 new jobs.

The £80m project includes the new supermarket along with other retail units, restaurants and over 200 flats, and a 771 parking spaces.

Tesco Padiham Store Jobs - Hundreds of job Vacancies to be Created

Tesco, the supermarket giant, have just started working on their new superstore construction at the site of the old mill in the Wyre Street / Lune Street area of Padiham in Lancashire.

The 2,750 square metre store will

Tesco Pendleton Store to Create 600 Job Vacancies

Tesco, the retail giant, have now been given the green light to build a new supermarket in Pendleton, near Salford, Manchester.

According to Manchester Evening News, Tesco will create over 600 supermarket job vacancies and possibly more will be created once construction starts.

Silicon Milkroundabout Jobs Fair - London - 30th-October-2011

Silicon Milkroundabout jobs and careers fair will be held on this sunday, 30th October, 2011 at The Old Truman Brewery, T1 Space, 1 Brick Lane, London E1.

There will be hundreds of job vacancies

Jobs Fair in Barnwood, Gloucester on Friday 11th November

Barnwood Job Fair has been eagerly awaited and is due to take place between 3-6pm on Friday 11th November 2011 at the Gloucestershire Deaf Association Headquarters, Barnwood, West Gloucester.

All job seekers are welcome,

Tesco to Make 40 Jobs in Springbourne

Tesco are opening another Express store at the old Dolphin pub site in Holdenhurst Road, Springbourne, Bournemouth, Hampshire following the pub closure in August 2011.

The construction work is due to start soon with the new Tesco Express

Tesco’s to Hire 260 for Bridgewater Store

A recent two-day exhibition saw the plans for a new mega Tesco’s go down very well among those who viewed them. The 24-hour mega store will be situated in Bridgewater, Somerset.

Not only will this new mega store create 260 jobs

Tesco Burnt Tree Island Superstore - 80 Job Vacancies

Tesco, the supermarket and retail giant of the UK, are to create 80 job vacancies with their new store at Burnt Tree Island which is between Sandwell and Dudley, on Monday, 17th October, 2011.

Warner Bros Jobs and Careers Fair - Studio Leavesden - 3rd October, 2011

Warner Bros jobs and careers fair will take place at the De Vere Hotel in Hunton Park, Hertfordshire on Monday, 3rd October, 2011. Don't miss that one!

The film company will try to find employees for the new Studio Leavesden.

The London Graduate Jobs Fair - on Tuesday 18 October 2011

The London Graduate Fair to be held at the Business Design Centre on Tuesday 18 October 2011. The job and careers fair will take place between 12pm-6pm.

Glasgow Silverburn Shopping Centre Jobs Fair - Christmas Job Vacancies

The annual Glasgow Silverburn Shopping Centre jobs' fair is returning on the 30th September and 1st October.
Here, it is believed that 300 seasonal jobs will be on offer from companies like; Boots, Marks and Spencers and Tesco’s among others.

Tesco Jobs - Farnley, Leeds - 400 Job Vacancies

Retail giant Tesco has announced that at least 200 job vacancies to be created at the old Stonebridge Mills site in Farnley, Leeds. The company say that the jobs will directly go to local residents who have been out of work for at least 6 months.

Redundancy Payments - What you Need to Know About Redundancy

Most individuals are made redundant because the company can no longer afford to keep an employee in your role, then you may have the right to a statutory redundancy payment.

Portsmouth Jobs Fair - 600 Job Vacancies on Offer!

Portsmouth careers and jobs fair will take place at the Cascades Shopping Centre in Portsmouth, Hampshire on Thursday, 22nd September, 2011. The fair will start at 10 am and finishes at 4.30 pm.

Nottingham Jobs & Careers Fair – Thursday 22nd September

If you are looking for a job, then make sure you get down to the Nottingham Jobs fair on the 22nd September 2011. The fair is being held at the Capital FM Arena from 10 am through to 4 pm. It is believed that there will be roughly 1,000 job vacancies available on this day.

Psychometric Tests - Mechanical Reasoning Test

Mechanical Reasoning test is a type of psychometric test which is used to measure your understanding

Fault Diagnosis - How to Pass Fault Diagnosis Test?

There are many psychometric tests which are used in the recruitment and selection process. Fault Dianosis tests are one such test which are used when recruiting for individuals who have ot find and repair faults in electronic and mechanical systems.

How to Pass a Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal Reasoning: It won’t be a surprise to hear that most of us want and need a job. Many people

How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical Reasoning Free Practice Test: Numerical reasoning test is a form of aptitude test. A candidate carries

Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

Diagrammatic reasoning tests: There are many different types of tests used during the recruitment and selection process so that the recruiter can understand not just what each candidate has achieved, but also what they could be capable of in the future.

Reading Jobs Fair - Thursday 15th April, 2011

Reading jobs and recruitment fair is on Thursday, 15th April, 2011 (that means tomorrow!) at the Penta Hotel on Oxford Road, Reading.

St Enoch Recruitment Fair, 15-16 September 2011

St Enoch Working Recruitment Fair is held at St Enoch Centre, Glasgow city centre on the Argyle Street and Buchanan Street junction.

Tesco Jobs - Machynlleth Store - 140 Job Vacancies

Tesco have re-submitted a planning application for to build a new store in Machynlleth. Tesco had to withdrew its first application Machynlleth in June 2010 due to Welsh Government's road safety concerns.

How to Pass SHL Tests

Everyone wants to do well in their current job. And there are many also in the job seeking market searching for a job

Cheshunt Jobs Fair - Thursday 6th October

Cheshunt jobs and careers fair will take place at the Grundy Park Leisure Centre on Thursday, 6th October between10.30 am and 3.30 pm.

Tesco Job Opening - Crawley Distribution Centre - 450 Job Vacancies

Tesco are even closer to build a large new distribution centre at Manor Royal, Crawley, Sussex which will create 450 job vacancies.

Worcester News Jobs And Careers Fair

Worcester News Jobs and Careers Fair will take place at the Guildhall in Worcester from 10 am to 4 pm on Thursday, 22nd September. If you want to be there write the address down!

Cannock Chase Jobs Fair

Cannock Chase is to be home of jobs fair on Friday, 23rd September. There will be about 100 businesses / companies attending to this jobs fair.

Tesco Sheffield Jobs - West Street - 49 Job Vacancies

Tesco have recieved hudnreds of job applications for their 49 job vacancies at their new Metro store onWest Street, Sheffield.

Grantham Jobs Fair - Thursday 15th September

grantham job fairGrantham jobs and careers fair will take place at The Ballroom, Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham, Lincolnshireon Thursday, 15th September between10 am and2 pm.

Milton Keynes Jobs and Careers Fair

Milton Keynes Jobs FairMilton Keynes jobs fair will take place in Milton Keynes Dons Stadium in next week. Admission is completely free. There will be also free aprking between the dates, Friday, 2nd Sep - and 3rd Sep.

Taunton Jobs and Careers Fair - Somerset County Cricket Ground

somerset job fairTaunton jobs fair is to take place at the Somerset County Cricket Ground on Thursday, 8th September, 2011. Taunton careers fair will start at 10 am and finish 7 pm.

Daily Mirror Jobs Fair

job fairFish4jobs and Daily Mirror will be travelling the country with a double-decker bus and running job fairs at various locations such as;

Tesco Job Vacancies - Glasgow, Forge Retail Park Superstore - 350 Jobs

Tesco, largest retail - supermarket chain in the UK, have taken over former Woolworth store at the forge retail park in Glasgow and this take over will create at least 350 job vacancies.

Kensington Jobs, Advice, And Training Fair

Kensington Jobs, Advice and Training Fair will be held for the 5th time Kensington Town Hall on Wednesday, 31st August. There are 40 companies already lined up and some of them are;

Tesco Jobs - Bedworth Superstore - 150 Job Vacancies

tesco bedworth store jobsTesco have said that construction work is on target at their £27m, 6,000 square metre Tesco Extra store in Bedworth, Warwickshire.

Resignation Letter Example

Use this resignation letter example when you want to quit your job gracefully.

Tesco Jobs - Sheffield Halfway Store - 450 Job Vacancies

Tesco, the retail and supermarket giant, reapplying for planning permission to build a new superstore at the vacant site just off Oxclose Park Road, Halfway, Sheffield.

Tesco Jobs - Manningtree Store - 180 Job Vacancies

tesco Manningtree Store jobsTesco, the retail giant, have just received planning permission to build a supermarket on Station Road, Manningtree, Essex which will create 180 job vacancies.

Tesco Jobs - Malvern Tesco Express - 20 Job Vacancies

Malvern Tesco Express jobsTesco is to open another Express store in the Old Gas Tavern pub on Pickersleigh Road, Malvern, Herefordshire which will create 20 job vacancies.

Tesco Jobs - Lutterworth Store - 100 Job Vacancies

Tesco Jobs – Lutterworth StoreTesco have announced that they are expecting to build a new store in Lutterworth, Leicestershire which will create at least 100 job vacancies.

Tesco Farnworth Superstore Jobs - 175 Job Vacancies

Tesco to create 175 job vacancies with building their new superstore on the Long Causeway, Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire.

Tesco Jobs – Widnes Flagship Store – 500 Job Vacancies

tesco extra widnesTesco has just started working on building its £40 worth 24 hour Extra store on Lugsdale Road, Widnes. This new Tesco Extra expected to create more than 500 job vacancies.

Tesco Wakefield Ings Road Retail Park Store Jobs - 450 Job Vacancies

The retail giant, Tesco, is opening a supermarket on the Ings Road Retail Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire which will create more than 450 job vacancies.

Tesco Washington Retail Park Store Jobs - 300 Job Vacancies

Tesco Washington Retail Park Store JobsTesco is preparing to display their plan to propse for their new supermarket on the Washington Retail Park on Wearside. So another Tesco store is opening very soon which will create at least 300 job vacancies.

Tesco Jobs - Lee-on-the-Solent Store - 30 new jobs

Tesco are renting a store space about 350 square metre to build another store at Pier House, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire which will create more than 30 new job vacancies.

Tesco Barnoldswick Superstore Jobs – 175 Job Vacancies

Tesco Barnoldswick SuperstoreTesco, the reatil and supermarket giant of the UK has said that they will be building another superstore on Ravenscroft Road, Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

Tesco Jobs – Narborough Road, Leicester Supermarket – 150 Jobs

Tesco to create 150 more new job vacancies in Narborough Road, Leicester Supermarket. The new store work will start with this autumn.

Tesco jobs - Holyhead store extension

Tesco to create 150 jobs at Holyhead Store with an extension. The retail giant is constantly growing. The latest store extension news coming from the Penrhos Industrial Estate, Holyhead.

Tesco jobs - St Edmund’s Hospital Northampton - 25 job vacancies

Tesco to create 25 new jobs with a new retail store opening at St Edmund’s Hospital, Northampton. The store is expected to be opened by spring next year and will create about 25 jobs.

Tesco Jobs – Cardigan Store 60 Job Vacancies

Tesco to create 60 more job vacancies at Cardigan store. The company will get an approval if they agree to install a zebra crossing at the north end of the supermarket area.

Tesco Jobs – New Supermarket At Peterlee College Site – 400 Jobs

Tesco to create 400 new stores in New Supermarket At Peterlee College Site. The company has already started building the new store in Burnhope Way, Peterlee, County Durham which will create 400 new Tesco job vacancies.

Tesco to create 500 jobs in Wallneuk Superstore, In Paisley

Tesco opening another store in Paisley. Wallnneuk Superstore in Paisley will create 500 new Tesco jobs. The new store will be in 1.1 hectare and it will operate 24 hours a day.

Tesco Jobs – Glasgow Harbour Store Would Create 500 Job Vacancies

New Tesco jobs will be available in 2012 when Glasgow Harbour store opens. New Glasgow Harbour Store Would Create 500 Job Vacancies for the local people.

How to pass numerical and verbal reasoning tests

Like thousands of other job applicants, you will probably have to face a numerical or verbal reasoning test before an employer awards you a job.

Tesco to Create 120 Jobs in Hanley

Tesco is building another store in Hanley which will create up to 120 new jobs. The retail giant is about to buy a store that formerly known as Kwik Save.

It is just two miles from Tesco's newly-opened Hanley store and will be bigger than its Tesco Express and Metro brands.

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