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Fault Diagnosis - How to Pass Fault Diagnosis Test?

There are many psychometric tests which are used in the recruitment and selection process. Fault Dianosis tests are one such test which are used when recruiting for individuals who have ot find and repair faults in electronic and mechanical systems. The logical process of finding faults is a vital skill which is required by a number of specialists, particularly as our control systems become more and more dependant on electric wiring.

Fault diagnosis tests are widely used to select technical and maintenance staff, as well as hiring techinical members of the armed forces such as aircraft technicians etc.

This type of logical test is usually accompanied by verbal and numerical reasoning elements. Since this is an aptitude test no specialist knowledge is required to answer the fault diagnosis question.

As these are logical questions, the best way to tackle the questions is to work systematically though each question, making sure you understand it as best as possible, to avoid mistakes.

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