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How to Pass a Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal Reasoning: It won’t be a surprise to hear that most of us want and need a job. Many people are out of employment or are not satisfied with their current role, and are therefore seeking a new job. This has always been a challenge, but is particularly difficult in this current economic climate as there is much more competition for each vacancy. There are certain tests that you have to go through when you apply for a job, and the aptitude tests are often a part of the recruitment and selection process. These tests are used to assist the recruiter to pick the best one candidate out of hundreds. Verbal reasoning is one type of aptitude test.

verbal reasoning test

When you apply for a job then you may have to go through a certain test called verbal reasoning test which is a type of aptitude test. Verbal reasoning will require the candidate to demonstrate their understanding of the language in the question use the concepts that are framed in the words.

Verbal reasoning test is usually carried out in the written format, but is also sometimes taken verbally too. The test will include being given a composition or paragraph on a certain subject, and then be given a series of questions which you need to answer. The questions are normally straight forward and not too tough, and are in the multiple choice format, usually true, false or not known. You need to read the content given carefully and it is usually recommended for you to make notes.

You can only provide your answers based on the information in the paragraph you have been given. If you select the answer ‘true’ this should be true according to the content supplied and the ‘false’ answer is false according to the content. The last multiple choice answer is is ‘not known’. In this case you have to say, based on the paragraph, it is not possible to determine whether or not the question is true or false.

The verbal reasoning test is used to understand about the linguistic reasoning skills of the candidate. When you are employed for a new role, there are certain responsibilities depending on the job role and expectations of the company. If, for example, you are dealing with customer satisfaction you have to be able to convince the customer that first you understand the situation and second that you will provide an appropriate response and act accordingly. In this situation, and many others, it is necessary to use words carefully. In order to choose a candidate who is most likely to be able to deal with these situations, the verbal reasoning test is very important to recruiters.

There are some criticisms against using the verbal reasoning test. There are certain questions where it is possible that two of the multiple answers may seem appropriate. It is likely that the candidate, however, has simply misunderstood the question or the paragraph and if this is a situation you find yourself in, then you should certainly re-read the question, and possibly the article if you can find the time.

The verbal reasoning system is frequently used as an effective tool in selecting the school students, collage students, in university admission as well as finding the best employee out of many.

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