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Psychometric Tests - Mechanical Reasoning Test

Mechanical Reasoning test is a type of psychometric test which is used to measure your understanding of physical and mechanical concepts. These tests are not designed to measure your aptitude or potential to grasp information, this is measuring what you have been taught, and theories you have learned. Your score will depend on your knowledge of:

• levers
• pulleys
• gears
• springs
• simple electrical diagrams
• tools
• basic arithmatic

You will probably have been exposed to the majority of these subjects during your secondary education, but that may have been some time ago so it is worth refreshing your memory before sitting your Mechanical Reasoning test.

If you are taking the test as part of the recruitment and selection process for a new job role or an apprenticeship then there may be elements of the test which include tool names and how they are used. These types of questions are usually straightforward, but if you haven't spent much time fixing and making things then you should do some brief study.

A Mechanical Reasoning test for recruitment and selection may also include basic arithmatic questions to ensure that you can carry out estimations for ordering and costing materials. You should also know the formulae for areas, volumes and being able to convert metric measurements to feet and inches which are still commonly used on the site basics.

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