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Tesco Burnt Tree Island Superstore - 80 Job Vacancies

Tesco, the supermarket and retail giant of the UK, are to create 80 job vacancies with their new store at Burnt Tree Island which is between Sandwell and Dudley, on Monday, 17th October, 2011.

The new superstore cost £27 million to Tesco and expected to create 80 jobs for jobseekers.

The company say that they already received over 500 job applications. Don't give up yet! Tesco says that there are still open positions that they are still accepting applications for. If you are near this store then why not visit and ask for current vacancies as well as an application form.

Tesco would create much more jobs than 80 but most of the staff came from the Burnt Tree store island.

You can view much more Tesco job and store openings on our job seekers forums.

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