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Tesco’s to Hire 260 for Bridgewater Store

A recent two-day exhibition saw the plans for a new mega Tesco’s go down very well among those who viewed them. The 24-hour mega store will be situated in Bridgewater, Somerset.

Not only will this new mega store create 260 jobs at Tesco's, but it will also create more roles in the shops next to the new Tesco’s store. As expected, these 260 roles will include both store and management roles, including part and full time.

However, it is expected that the plans will be submitted before the end of 2011, which means the actual store opening is quite a long way away.

Tesco’s has been in the news recently as its big price drop has brought in an additional 1 million transactions every week, and it seems these changes may pay off, which could bring about new stores all around the country.

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