Behavioural Interview Tips

Behavioural Interviewing is all about the interviewer finding out about how you have behaved in various situations in the past. The technique was develeped during the 70's and about 30 per cent of all organizations use these types of questions to some extent, at all levels of interview. If you are a job searcher then it is vital to prepare for Behavioural Interview Questions.

Group Interview Tips

Employers use Group Interviews to understand how you respond in a group situation working as part of a team.

Telephone Interview Tips

More frequently these days employers use telephone interviews to identify those candidates which are suitable for employment, as a screening tool to narrow down the pool of applicants for interviews in-person.

If you are currently searching for a job, then you should be prepared to have a phone interview at some point during your application process. It is becoming more and more common for recruiters to unexpectedly call to see if you have a few minutes to answer some questions and discuss the vacancy further.

Nurse - Nursing Cover Letter For Job Applications

If you are going to apply for a nursing job and in need of Nursing covering letter example to write your own then here it is!

You should edit this letter for your own needs before using it for your own job application.

Data Analyst Cover Letter Example

Here is a free covering letter example of Data Analyst job. It's possible to use this letter for any other IT jobs as well.

Remember to edit this sample before using your job application. Insert your name, address and all other contact information such as email and telephone numbers.

Civil Engineer Cover Letter Example

Use this cover letter example to apply for the latest civil engineer jobs. You should amend

Chef Cover Letter Example

This free Chef covering letter example can be used for your job applications. Please edit the letter along with your

Care Worker Cover Letter Exampe

You can use following covering letter example for your Care Worker job applications. You should edit the letter before sending it with your CV.

Accountant Cover Letter Example For Job Applications

Use this cover letter example to apply for the accountant job applications.

Cashier Cover Letter Example

Use this cover letter example for Cashier job applications. Make sure that you have amended this

Tips for Negotiating Salaries During a Job Interview

Find below some negotiation tips for the job salary during your interview:

1. Maintain a professional approach: Always be professional throughout the interview. This will show you as someone who is serious for keeping the job, therefore assisting with your overall aim to get the job, and means that the salary offer is also likely to be reasonable and serious.

How to Ask a Pay Raise - Asking For a Rise In Salary

Salaries are always a very important aspect of employee satisfaction. For example even if you find yourself in the perfect role, working with great colleagues in a brilliant company

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