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Care Worker Cover Letter Exampe

You can use following covering letter example for your Care Worker job applications. You should edit the letter before sending it with your CV.

Where to find care jobs? You can search job vacancies on this site and also other job sites such as CV Library, Monster, Totalobs etc.

You can probably find somethings locally too. A Care job require training so you might want to read more about it before applying for positions. You will see the details in job descriptions though.

Print following letter and attach it to your CV however remember to edit it first otherwise it can be wrong information that you provide to the company.

Care Worker Cover Letter Example

Jane Doe
1 High Street
Small Town

Mr Brown
Recruitment Manager
Speckled Hen Studios
Riverside Business Park
Big City AB12 3CD

Dear [Insert Name]

Application for vacancy of Care Worker, Newport House

Please find enclosed my CV in response to the advert on website for the Care Worker vacancy.

The post looks incredibly interesting to me, particularly as it would give me the opportunity to combine my experience in healthcare along with my passion for improving the experiences of residents.

Over the past 2 years I have worked within the care sector where I have gained knowledge of dealing with difficult and sometimes very emotional circumstances in a professional and effective manner both with patients and their relatives.

In my current role I have already demonstrated many of the skills necessary to carry out this role in an effective manner, and would be delighted to meet with you to assure you my committment to offering a better experience for residents.

As can be seen from my CV, I possess all the necessary industry related certification, am CRB cleared and hold numerous relevant academic qualifications. I also possess a helpful attitude, good team working skills and am prepared to put in that extra effort which makes all of the difference.

The accompanying resume will give you an idea not only of my past achievements but also of my future potential for making a significant contribution to your company. I look forward very much to meeting with you in person to discuss this opening further.

Yours sincerely,

care worker cover letter example

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