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Social Worker Job Application Cover Letter Example

Social Worker job application and covering letter example is available here for you to use at your job applications. All you need to do is to change personal details.

We have many more letter examples on our UK job forum. Don't forget that a well written letter to your potential employer would support a lot at your application.

Social Worker cover letter example

Mrs Julie Brown
Made up road
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Dear [Insert Name]

Social Worker as advertised on

I note with interest your recent advertised vacancy for a Social Worker and submit my enclosed CV in application for the role.

The job description closely matches the skills and experience required in my current role as a Social Worker for Brentwood Council and I therefore consider I would be an excellent candidate for the post.

Whilst working for my current employer I have successfully dealt with vulnerable individuals in a wide variety of different circumstances, from young to old. I ensure that in each case I take sufficient time to fully understand the unique circumstances, problems and needs, and then take action as far as practicable to assist them in resolving the problems.

I already possess the required driving licence noted as a requirement for the post and would be happy to undertake a further CRB check if required.

I hope that having considered my application you agree that my skills and experience match the requirements and look forward to the opportunity of meeting you to discuss the role further. I will be away on holiday from 10-15th September, but available for an informal discussion or interview at any time after then.

Yours sincerely,

Your name
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social worker job application cover letter example


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