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Can Facebook Find A Job For You?

I don't really know what English job seekers think about this but over 17 million people in America say that they found their current jobs through Facebook. That shouldn’t be a surprise for most people today as nearly everybody is on Facebook socialising or trying to advertise their business online by building communities or groups.

What is the best way to find a job?

With no doubt the best way to find a job is by word of mouth and there is no other better way to use this job search technique than Facebook! At least for now. Contrary to Twitter, Facebook is a site where you network with your friends and relatives.

Try updating your status with the following:

- I am looking for a job!
- Anyone knows of job vacancies around
- Jobs wanted!

You can customize those status updates and write something different then above list.
using facebook for job search
It's not a big secret that most of the jobseekers search jobs during their working hours! Their weekends continue to be valuable for them so they can't waste time searching for new positions for themselves! View some of the figures below about searching jobs via social media:

- 1 in 6 people are using Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to find their next job! Or perhaps even their first one.
- 23 people out of 100 are searching for jobs even though they are happy with their current role and company.

When we made a poll about how they found their job back in February we had interesting results which indicates a significant increase in social media's role on recruitment.

How did you find your job?

- Referral 567
- Newspaper 425
- A job site 420
- Internal job listing 304
- Company career site 293
- Social Media 189
- Job fair 145
- Agency 110

Another interesting statistic about using social media for job search is more than half of the jobseekers are using Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin in the United Kingdom.

How to find a job via using Facebook?

There are many companies on Facebook that are posting their latest job vacancies which can be applied by the jobseekers online if they are in the company’s network.

Let’s explain this with an example:

If you are interested in Tesco jobs then join their network on Facebook and whenever they post a new vacancy you can be the first to apply! They let you search company names, employers via search form and join their networks to view the positions that they post.

Everything is up to your Network!

If you have a big network, means hundreds of friend list and joined in groups etc then Facebook can be really strong and helpful about your job searching. Just let others that you are in need of a job and wait for your friends to give a hand!

Social Media will be more and more important in coming years so if you are not there yet then go create your account!

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