Things I Look For When I Interview Candidates

Preparing for a job interview can be quite daunting and nerve-racking. It is something that many people have questions about, and these questions often have simple answers we hadn’t thought of. Quite a few of the mistakes people make in interviews comes down to how they handle their nerves and not having done much research prior to the interview.


When going into an interview, it is good to be aware that your posture is important. If you look to stiff and rigid, it is likely this will come across to the person interviewing you. The interviewer is probably someone who will end up working with you, so chances are they’d like someone relaxed and confident. Being too stiff or rigid, or the opposite, to a point of almost looking ready to sleep, can come across in a negative way to a future work colleague. Being relaxed can help you to lessen your nerves and put yourself forward as someone who can handle stress and nerves. This is the kind of person many employers are after.

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Being who you are is extremely important in the interview process. Many other places may advise you that you’re advertising yourself, so stand out and be slick. This may work for some positions, but it’s not recommended for the majority of positions available. The interviewer wants to see a relaxed, confident and professional you. If you are acting as someone else, you are less likely to be relaxed and comfortable. This act can come across as showing a lack of confidence, especially as it often seems so unnatural.

Confidence in yourself and your ability is one of the keys to succeeding in the interview setting. Trust in yourself and your ability to do the job and you will be putting yourself that one step ahead. To give you an extra advantage, use the internet to research the company and position you’re applying for. Learn their history, present state and where they plan to go in the future. Read any news articles they may be featured in or any press releases they may have released. Knowing about the company you are aiming to work in is a way to be confident in your knowledge.

If you have any problems or misunderstanding about words and terminology used in the job application or position, research them online to gain knowledge of what they mean. If you don’t know something, use the technology you have available to you to fill any blanks in your mind. Knowing the company, position and anything you may need to learn for the position will help with your confidence in the interview.

Practice speaking in an interview in front of a mirror or in front of friends and family. As the saying goes, to practice makes perfect, and this is especially true with the interview process. Practice telling a good story to the usual questions in interviews. The ability to relate a story and build rapport in with an interviewer goes a long way to succeeding in your career.

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