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Marks and Spencer Role Play Interview

Marks and Spencer role play interview

M&S is doing a role play interview to choose their best employees. You will also receive typical interview questions too.

Your interview will take place in their office and will probably start with a role play. You will be given some papers to make notes about the roleplay and the general interview.

The scenario is that a woman ordered a birthday cake for her mother and it was checked as despatched in the system however it wasn't in the store by the time woman came to collect her order. You will have 5 minutes to think about the situation and prepare your response.

One of the interviewers will be the woman who ordered the cake and the other one will be observing and taking the notes. You can take a look at the order details and ingredients to see what flavour it was and try to find a similar cake with similar price range in store. Once you have found something you can offer your apologies first and tell them that you have found something very similar to the original order. If the customer is still not happy then you can suggest taking their number and try to get the original cake to be delivered by calling other stores nearby.

The role play takes about 10 minutes to complete at the most but usually will end in 6-7 minutes. The interviewer is not there to catch you out and will try to guide you to the right solution so you just try not to be too nervous.

You will fill in a feedback form about the role play interview and they will let you know the result once you have completed it.

Here are some tips for Marks and Spencer Role Play Interview:

- Be sensible
- Use common sense during your interview
- Be smiley
- Be helpful

What to wear?

If you wear something smart like dark or grey trousers and a smart blue blouse then everything should be fine.

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