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Clerical Officer Job Application Letter Example

Clerical Officer covering letter example will help you apply for the latest Clerical Officer job vacancies. If you are in need of a letter example to write your own one then you couldn't find better.

You can find thousands of available positions for you at the job sites online. All you need to visit those job search sites and start searching for Clerical Officer roles that are suitable for you.

You can use the following sample to write your covering letter for your job application after editing the personal details and adding your own address, telephone number and emails so they can reach you whenever they wanted to.


 6 Job Hunter Way, Employmentville, UK. EM1 5LO Tel. 0208 123 456789 Email:youremail @

Tom Dyer 
Hiring Manager 
The Employer Ltd 
130 Viva Street 
5UY 11HG
23 June 2023 

Dear, I am sending you this covering letter and CV in regard to the position advertised. With these documents, I would like to apply for the position of clerical officer. 

As you can see, from my attached CV, I have all the relevant qualifications and experience to hold this role as a clerical officer. My experience has prepared me to be ready for a fast-paced role

As expected in a clerical role I have excellent knowledge of all administrative Microsoft applications like Word, Excel and even PowerPoint. In my last role, my focus was to be prepared and organised at all times, and for me, this was great because I always kept myself busy. 

If you require me to take an aptitude test for this role, then I will be more than happy to take this at any time. 

You can contact me using the phone number below to set up this test. Please take the time to read my resume, which I believe you will find more than suitable for this role. If you want to discuss my application, please call me

Yours Sincerely, 

clerical officer cover letter

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