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Manager CV Example

Manager CV example and template.Amend as suitable and start using this CV template to create your own CV and use it for your job applications.

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Here is your Manager CV Template:

manager cv example and template

Ben Andrews: Manager
0208 123 456789

1 Job Hunter Way, Employmentville, UK. EM1 5LO

Your email address here


Professional Profile

I am a reliable and fair people person. I am very organised and capable of juggling many things at one time. I can manage people well and I am very good at conflict resolution. I treat everyone with respect and get results. I am very confident. I can be trusted 100% with keys and cash.

  • Very Experienced

  • Sensible and practical.

  • Approachable and Friendly.

  • Conscientious.

  • Highly organised.

  • Confident.

  • Keen attention to detail.

  • Flexible.

  • Hard Working.


Professional Qualifications.

BTEC in General Management.


Work History

January 2010 - Present

Store Manager, House of Glazier, London

Working in this massive department store as the Manager was a fantastic opportunity. I had to oversee many different departments and ensure that they all run smoothly. It was my duty to ensure that each department manager was running their department correctly and identify areas that could be improved upon. I had the final say over most of the hiring and firing in the role. I rarely had any floor duties, however when needed to I wasn’t afraid to step in.


January 2008- January 2010

Call Centre Manager, Trip, Slip and Win, London

Working in a high pressure injury law firm as the Call Centre Manager was very rewarding, as I got to interact with staff and clients alike. I was in charge of the day to day running of the call teams, ensuring that the staff were carrying out their duties correctly, and supported if they required support. I would on occasion have to take calls if the customer was unhappy with the agent, and resolve issues.


January 2006 – January 2008

Trainee Manager, McFarlane’s, London

I trained to be a manager at this busy fast food outlet. Having worked on the food stations for several years I was offered management fast track. I was taken from the serving stations and shown how to prepare rotas, manage staff absence and hour logging for wages.



GCSE 10xA Grades including English, Maths and Science.

Londonberry Comprehensive School





References are available on request, or in writing to the above previous employers.


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