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Program Manager Cover Letter Example

Cover letter example for a Program Manager. Amend as suitable and use it for your job applications.

Dear Sirs

I should like to apply for the position of Program Manager, as advertised recently. In my current role I am responsible for arranging, supervising, and implementing the delivery of the work for a number of complex projects. I look after a number of different project teams including business analysts, software engineers and project managers.

I am experienced at finding solutions and solving problems, supervising the work, maintaining schedules of delivery, reporting on project milestones, signing off projects, minimising risk, and am commercially oriented.

In my current role I have been responsible for a high scale, complex project with over hundred sub-contractors. The project is very sensitive to time delivery for phased components of the work, as the project involves building armoured vehicles for the Ministry of Defence and the finished goods must be delivered in phases at specific times as they are scheduled to go overseas into live operations.
Working back from this point, with such a large number of sub-contractors and allowing time for phasing in and testing, makes this project one of the most challenging and demanding that I have worked on.
The project is due for completion at the end of this month and, hence, I am seeking a new contract.
I have a great deal of experience across all sectors, including your own, including, but not limited to Aerospace and Defence, engineering, automotive and IT.

I am available for interview at your convenience and references are available on request.

I attach my CV and look forward to hearing from you as appropriate.

Yours faithfully

program manager cover letter example

program manager cover letter example

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