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Recruitment Consultant Cover Letter Example

Cover letter example for a Recruitment Consultant. Amend as suitable and use it for your job applications.

Here is your Recruitment Consultant job application cover letter example:

Dear Sirs

I should like to apply for the position as Recruitment Consultant, as advertised recently. I have worked in recruitment consultancy for three years. It is a demanding role; one where your success is entirely dependent upon your ability to really care about people, make good contacts and network continually to build up a strong pipeline of candidates and recruiters. I have found that joining networking groups online and face-to-face has been very beneficial in helping me build up my pool of both candidates and recruiters.

Recruitment consultancy is certainly not for the faint-hearted, you have to juggle many things and, as you are on commission, you have to work hard to keep the conversion rates up. Nothing is more rewarding though than a job well done and a happy recruiter and a happy candidate where they are well-matched. As you are very dependent in this industry on maintaining a good reputation, it’s important to take the long-term view.

I have worked for my current agency for 2 years and I feel that it’s time to move on, I recognise I need to extend my network of influence and expand my contacts base and also to be able to pool my resources where I can find a broader range of placements for my candidates.

I believe that your agency would be a perfect fit and I would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss this role with you in more detail.

I am available for interview at your convenience and references are available on request.

I attach my CV and look forward to hearing from you as appropriate.

Yours faithfully

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