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Teaching Assistant Interview

Interview Tips and Questions for Teaching Assistants

A Teaching Assistant supports the teacher in the classroom in a number of different ways. They enable the teacher to concentrate on teaching the children, rather than being constantly interrupted to deal with other tasks.

Some Teaching Assistants work solely with one child to provide additional support and help with their learning. These Teaching Assistants have special training to enable to undertake this work. Children may need assistance with literacy or numeracy or may have Special Educational Needs (SEN). There are other situations where there is a requirement for a Teaching Assistant with special responsibilities for a single child.

A general Teaching Assistant is there to help the teacher and ensure that equipment is ready for lessons and cleared away afterwards. Assistants in primary schools will often listen to children reading aloud on a one-to-one basis, and may assist with art and craft projects.

A Teaching Assistant doesn’t need to have specific qualifications; however the local education authority in conjunction with the school which has the vacancy will require them to be trained to specific levels. A basic level Teaching Assistant will usually need good reading and writing skills, together with a reasonable level of numeracy. There are specific courses which provide different levels of tuition for someone who wants to be a Teaching Assistant. There is a good opportunity to progress to higher levels which provide greater responsibility.

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Teaching Assistant vacancies are often advertised in the local newspapers and on the local authority website. Many primary schools find that they “acquire” Teaching Assistants who originally came as a volunteer when their child attended the school. This is obviously easier because they will already know the school and the teachers.

Teaching Assistants are usually interviewed by the Head Teacher, possibly with the assistance of one to two school governors. Applicants will have had the opportunity to look round the school before the interview.

What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make? Interview
What has been the greatest disappointment in your life? Interview Question
What are you passionate about? Interview Question – Answer

The main requirement at an interview is to show enthusiasm for the school and teachers, together with a willingness to be completely involved with the children. A desire to help the teacher and work together as a team is the most important thing.

There isn’t any reason to be nervous at the interview. As long as you sincerely enjoy being with children, and want to help with their learning experiences, you will be welcomed by all existing staff. The interview gives you the opportunity to discuss the role in greater detail.

Ensure that the interviewer knows that you will accept if you are offered the position.

Teaching Assistant Interview Questions:

How do you evaluate success? Interview Question
What can you do for this company? Interview Question
Why are you the best person for the job? Interview Question
What are your salary expectations? Interview Question
Describe a difficult work situation project and how you overcame it
Give some examples of teamwork – Interview Question
What motivates you? Interview Question and Answer
What is your greatest weakness? Interview Question
Why do you want this job? Interview Question
What is your greatest strength? Interview Question

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