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Tesco Jobs In Basingstoke - New Store Opening

Brighton Hill Roundabout Tesco’s Comes under Scrutiny

The new borough councillors for the area of Basingstoke and Deane organised a recent public consultation to discuss the plans from Tesco’s to convert the local busy Brighton Hill roundabout into a through-about.

After the discussion, residents at the meeting made it clear that the store, which would bring in 350 new jobs is simply not needed, and that with this store would come a huge increase to local traffic, noise and pollution. They went on to say that there are three other supermarkets in the area, which is why this store is not required.

However, Simon Petar from Tesco’s said that the new plans would actually eliminate traffic due to the trough-about. Furthermore, he went on to say that Tesco’s have received 700 letters of support from the local community.

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