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Tesco Warehouse Jobs - 1000 New Job Vacancies To Be Created

Tesco, the retail giant, has announced that they will create 1,000 new job vacancies with their new Warehouse (distribution centre) in Reading.

Tesco’s has confirmed that by the summer of 2013, 1,000 jobs will be introduced to a new Tesco’s distribution centre (warehouse) based on the old site of the Berkshire Brewery.

Currently, it is believed that 1,500 ‘expressions of interest’ have been shown in the 1,000 roles. With this in mind, Tesco’s are stating that they will bring out a timetable for recruitment shortly, and that they will do so through a partnership with Jobcentre Plus. Therefore, anybody interested in one of these roles should keep in touch with the Jobcentre to hear about the latest updates.

This development comes at a time when Tesco’s are looking to expand/develop several stores across the country.

If you are interested in those job vacancies then it's best to visit the site and ask for the current vacancies and how you can apply for them.

We have many more job and store openings for Tesco and other retailer and supermarkets in the UK.

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