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Tesco Will Create 140 Jobs In Beeston

Tesco’s fights back against Asda in Beeston store war

Both Tesco’s and Asda’s currently have plans to build stores in Beeston, but due to previous laws, it looks like only one of the stores will be able to be built in the Old Lane area.

The local preference is clearly a Tesco’s store, and this could have a real influence on the way the decision swings. In fact, 200 letters of support from the community have been drafted for a Tesco’s. If approved, it is believed the Tesco’s store would bring in 140 jobs albeit with the closure of the current ‘rundown’ Tesco’s in the heart of Beeston. Locals have called for the Tesco’s to be approved with most people stating that they need a real supermarket in walking distance.

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