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Catering Supervisor Cover Letter Example

Cover letter example for a catering supervisor role. Amend as suitable and write your covering letter in seconds.

If you want to become and catering supervisor then it's best to gain some experience in catering and start applying for catering supervisor jobs on the job boards online.

Here is your catering supervisor cover letter example:

Dear Sirs

Further to your advertisement in The Gazette last week I would like to apply for the position of catering supervisor. I have completed the application form as requested, and enclose it, together with copies of my certificates.

I have some considerable experience of supervising the kitchen for a large organisation, and I’m sure that my skills are sufficient for the position. My current employer will be happy to provide a reference. The only reason I need to resign from my position is because my partner has been relocated by her company.

I understand the job description and feel that I will be able to contribute to the successful running of your catering service. I have certificates for completing the Health and Safety at Work courses, together with some first aid experience.

I am used to allocating duties to junior members of staff, and I enjoy the training and supervising of staff so that they learn new skills. It gives me pleasure when they achieve something which they didn’t feel was possible.

Thank you for considering my application. I am available to attend an interview on a date which is convenient to you. I hope to hear from you in due course.

Yours faithfully

catering supervisor cover letter example

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