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Warehouse Assistant CV Example

Warehouse Assistant CV Example - Template. Amend as suitable and start writing your own CV in minutes. This CV example will be helpful when writing a new CV.

Warehouse Assistant job vacancies can be found on the job sites online. All you need to do is to visit those job boards and start searching for jobs that are near you or you are ready to relocate for.

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Here is Warehouse Assistant CV Template:

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Professional Profile
I am a quick and cheerful warehouse assistant who doesn’t mind mucking in and getting a job done. Whether it is picking and packing, organising, returns or restocking, I really enjoy working in warehouses. I love being a small but important part of a bigger picture.

Key Skills

Fast Paced Worker.
Sensible and practical.
Approachable and Friendly.
Focussed and attentive.
Highly organised.

Professional Qualifications.
Forklift licence.

Work History
January 2010 - Present
Warehouse Assistant, Bigforests Catalogue, London
Working for this large catalogue shopping provider in their main warehouse it was my job to ensure that the clothing department ran smoothly. I was responsible for ensuring that all the products were kept in stock, and advising where stock had ran out. I was also responsible for selecting items for orders, and passing them down to the despatch team. I also took sole responsibility for restocking the denim and footwear sections during my shift.

January 2008- January 2010
Warehouse Assistant, Riverrocks Books, London.
I worked for this large book store in their main warehousing depot. It was my duty to receive orders from stores, and organise what stock they required ready for loading on to the delivery vans to make sure that the high street stores were as well stocked as possible. I would load these myself using a fork lift truck.

January 2007 – January 2008
Warehouse Assistant, NHS Central Depot, London
Working for this massive warehouse that carried supplies for the UK’s NHS hospitals it was my duty to ensure that the warehouse was kept in a tidy, clean and safe condition. All orders had to be gathered in the right place, all items had to be stored securely dependent on what they were, and we have to keep a good account of everything to ensure there were no losses in the warehouse. I would occasionally have to stock take.

GCSE 10xA Grades including English, Maths and Science.
Londonberry Comprehensive School

References are available on request, or in writing to the above previous employers.

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