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Finding Unadvertised or Hidden Jobs

Not every job vacancy is advertised via newspapers or online – the perfect job might be out there for you, but you just haven’t heard about it yet!

However, if you know how then it’s still possible to find out about and apply for these jobs. Here are some simple ways of finding unadvertised jobs…

Asking Around

Try asking your friends and co-workers if they know of any job vacancies at their companies that aren’t being advertised, or if they know of any other jobs going elsewhere that you might not have heard of.

Co-workers in higher up positions than your own might know about upcoming vacancies that haven’t yet been made public, and by talking to them you could get your foot into the door before anyone else has the chance.

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Send Off Your CV

A simple way of finding jobs is to send off your CV to different companies accompanied with a letter letting them know you are looking for work. Alternatively, walk around to different organisations and hand in your CV personally.

If the company has a position open and they feel you are suitable they will offer you an interview, and if they don’t have any positions open right now you can ask them to keep your CV on file for any future jobs that might open up.

Sign Up To Recruitment Agencies

It’s free to register with a recruitment agency and the recruiters receive job opening direct from their list of clients. Many of these jobs are advertised, but not all of them – if they have a CV on file that they think is the perfect match, the job could be offered direct to that person without ever being advertised.

Sign up with every recruitment agency in town, tell them exactly what you’re looking for and you may just get that call about the dream job you’ve been waiting for!

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While searching for a job volunteering is a good way to spend your time, and if a position opens up within the company chances are (if you’ve been an efficient volunteer of course) it will be offered to you!

Being ‘inside’ the company, you will also get to hear about job offers before they open up to the public, and depending on the volunteering you do you might also get to meet influential members of other companies around the community whom might offer you a job!

Company Websites

Most company websites will have a section for vacancies in their organisation; these might not always be advertised elsewhere such as in newspapers or any other place online, especially if the company is small as advertising can be expensive!

Companies may also advertise their latest vacancies in their newsletter, so be sure to subscribe.

Old Trade Journals/Classifieds

Take a look in old newspapers and old classifieds to see who has been hiring in the last few months, and try to identify who might be hiring again. Companies who seem to hire new staff every few months are likely to have an opening coming up soon rather than those who have only put up one add over the past year.

Phone companies that have advertised regular vacancies to see when their next might be, or hand your CV in for future reference.

Have any of these methods worked for you in the past? Or do you have any other ideas on how to find unadvertised jobs? I’d love to hear it, so leave me a comment below…

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