Tesco Jobs In Winterton - New Store Opening

Tesco, the supermarket giant, disclosed its plan to open a new store at the site of the Cross Keys pub in Winterton which will create 20 full time and part time jobs.

The company wants to build a new Tesco Express on the site however there are concerns about a new Tesco store in the town. The fear is that local trade would be negatively affected so Local shops have already collected 1500 signatures on a petition against this plan.

The pub that will be a new Tesco Express is still operating and there are also arguments against the loss of the public convenience.

tesco winterton storeNorth Lincolnshire Council hasn't made a planning decision on the proposal for Tesco to build a new store in the town yet but they think there should be a supermarket at the site of this pub so approval is likely.

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