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Internal Job Relocation Letter

Internal job relocation cover letter example for a internal vacancy. You can use this letter example after amending as suitable.

Internal job relocation letter can be used when you want to change your position within the same company.

Here is the Internal job relocation letter example:

Jane Brown
101 Any Road, Every Town, XX1 1YY

Mr John Smith
ABC Company
All Streets
Any Town


Dear John

Internal vacancy – Administration Manager

I noticed the above vacancy on the staff intranet and am extremely keen to apply. I have worked with ABC Company in its marketing and administration departments over the last three years and would now like to take the next step in my career with the company.

You will see from the enclosed CV that I have gained a lot of general office experience during my time with the company, including overseeing the insurance policies, fleet administration and improving our procurement processes. In addition, I have trained and mentored two new employees in the administration department over the last twelve months, giving me valuable experience in staff management.

I have received excellent feedback from my supervisor throughout my employment with ABC Company and I believe that this new opportunity would be a great development opportunity for me. I can be relied upon to master new tasks and responsibilities quickly and efficiently and I would really like to prove myself further within the company. I feel that my skills and abilities are an ideal fit for the post.

I would appreciate the chance to attend for interview and I hope that you will speak to my supervisor to find out more about my abilities and potential.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely

Jane Brown

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Good luck with your job hunting.

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