Salary Negotiating Tips - How to Negotiate Salary

At the end of interview the all important question pops up, the question you have been waiting for, throughout the whole interview how do you answer it?

Look to Twitter for Your Next Career Move

Why Twitter? This platform allows you, the job seeker to promote yourself to an ever expanding network of people and more importantly recruiters.

Resignation Letter - How to Write a Resignation Letter

If you have made the decision to leave your current role, then you need to make sure that you follow the rules for resigning correctly.

Can Instagram Find Your Next Job?

Can Instagram find you a job? Before answering this question lets talk a little bit about Instagram in case you haven't opened the magic doors to this smart phone's world yet we should introduce you to the Instagram application.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

In today’s technology filled world, a presence on social media can put you way ahead of the crowd when it comes to finding a job.

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