Can Instagram Find Your Next Job?

Can Instagram find you a job? Before answering this question lets talk a little bit about Instagram in case you haven't opened the magic doors to this smart phone's world yet we should introduce you to the Instagram application.

Instagram was born as an iPhone application but then appeared on Android too. The application is free so that is how it has become so popular within the Mobile World. You can install Intagsram free on Apple and Android platforms via your Smart phones.

What can I do with Instagram?

- Take pictures

- Add filters

- Share it with your friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr...

A successful programme never remains in the original form and in the same way Intagsram has also developed. You can see that Instagram is becoming a Social Media site where people can connect and correspond with each other just like in any other Social Media platforms. Our question is how to use Instagram to find a job for us.

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How can Instagram Find Your a Next Job?

1- Profile picture is important

As a candidate for that job you always wanted to get you should really look employable. Don't choose a drunken photo or something that wouldn't go very well with that company's culture. Your profile image will be the first thing that others will see so make sure that you have selected the right picture.

2- Follow your targeted Brands on Instagram

Recently the number of companies who are trying to find their next talent on Instagram is increasing and you should follow their comments if you want to interact with them. You can also like their pictures, leave nice comments and say thank you for sharing specific images theirs. You should also consider your own followers too, and remove any that don't leave a good impression for you.

3- Finding the company

Instagram lets you search via hashtags which makes it easy to find what you're looking for. For example you can search retail or engineering markets or whatever sector you intend to fit in. Would you prefer to search for companies which are local to you? Once you are in the application you will see that you can use Location tags for your search. You can also tag location to your pictures. This feature is provided by FourSquare.

4- Don't be shy!

Be active and try to be the first who see the Brand's images and like them, leave comments and say thank you for sharing as stated above. Most Brands will tag their pictures with their names and job related words.

5- Share images which are related to your skills such as

Share your best shots if you are a photographer.

Share your best portfolio images if you are a designer.

upload your instruments images if you are a musician.

Take a picture of your lovely foods if you are a chef.

You can extend this list with your own profession.


Yes it is possible to be recruited via Instagram if you use it wisely!

Have your say, what do you think about being head-hunted on this Application?

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