Look to Twitter for Your Next Career Move

Why Twitter? This platform allows you, the job seeker to promote yourself to an ever expanding network of people and more importantly recruiters. It allows you to join conversations you may not have previously had the opportunity to join.

Using Twitter is not a traditional method to use when you start your job hunt, but that is not to say is it does not have its advantages. Twitter enables you to connect with employers and jobs that are not on traditional job sites meaning you are not competing against hundreds of applicants.

There are two massive advantages for searching for your next career move on Twitter:

1. Opportunity to connect with the employer directly
2. Build lasting relationships with those in similar field

What can I do now to increase my chances of finding a job?

Enhance your profile

The first step is to ensure your profile stands out from the crowd and looks professional. It is recommended to have your job pitch within your bio with a link to your CV or to your LinkedIn account. To ensure you stand out even further from other potential candidates have a professional picture on your profile that not only is professional but will ensure potential employers take you seriously.

Show off your expertise

Follow key people in your chosen industry and constantly tweet about news in your chosen career field. This will build up your credibility and will inform others of your skills and expertise.

You are now ready to start your job search

TwitJobSearch is there to make it easier for you to find a job using Twitter. In simple terms it is a search engine and will only show jobs in your search results. All you need to do is type in the industry and locations and the search engine will return the most relevant tweets enabling you to get in contact direct with your future employer.

Twitter has become a great source for everything, and this includes job hunting.

Who would have thought that 140 character allowance would help you find a job? With limited amount of space to forward all the information you would like to there are a large number of hash tags to help you.

A small number of examples are provided below:


These are by no means limited and you can use hash tags for absolutely anything.

twitter jobsOne of the most important things to note when using Twitter to search for a job is to act quick. Unfortunately a job post will usually be filed or reach the maximum number of candidates far quicker than any other job site. Act quick so you do not miss out of the job of your dreams!

Here are some of the big companies with their Twitter accounts for their jobs:




Here are some of the Careers Advice accounts on Twitter:




Many of the successful Twitter stories are down to networking. Twitter was made for networking, so build a network that works for you.

If you have been successful in finding your next position using Twitter, we would like to hear about it.....

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