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Finding a Job Through Social Media

The norm of looking for a job used to be to go down to your local newsagents and trawl through the newspaper for classified ads. Finding a job has advanced as social media has changed the way we communicate.

Put away the newspaper and turn on your computer for your next career move.

Below are ways social media can enhance your job search:

1. Do you have an online identity

We are not talking about undercover identities but you need to create yourself a professional online identity. As many as 45% of employers are looking online to find out the interests, hobbies and personalities of potential employees. Some of the many channels they will tap into include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook is a great way to not only keep up to date with photos from your friends and family but it enables you to create professional contacts and your ex-colleagues may well be able to help you find a job.

LinkedIn is a fantastic and easy way to have your CV online and allow potential employers to search for skills that match your criteria. This can massively increase your chances of getting closer to employers hiring.

You may associate Twitter with hashtags and something celebrities use to update everyone else on what they are doing. But not only can you get in contact with your role model but it is a chance to see jobs posted by employers. But be quick as these can quickly go.

2. Who is watching you?

You may well have a profile on some if not all of these social media platforms but it is worth remembering that you are opening your life and privacy to the internet that is accessible by millions. Your online presence is not only viewed by you but also by millions around the world. Remember to keep your profiles professional so that it reflects you in the best possible manner. It is certainly ok to have some personal information about yourself such as your hobbies but it would not look good to have pictures of your latest night out as these can be seen by a company. Remember before you post!

3. Do your research and then research more and more and more

The best way to increase your network which will help you get into contact with employers looking to recruit is to explore other social media such as blogging. Blogging is a fantastic way to prove your skills and experience. For example, if you are looking for a job in Information Technology blog about the latest technology, put across your opinions. Once you start blogging, build up your followers with companies of similar interests. Newspapers may not be as common as they used to be, but the newspapers still create online blogs which are great for resource material so follow other blogs of common interest and make relevant comments.

Where to start?



If you want to see more then type the company name in the search field and start following them to see their latest jobs.


Total Jobs

Use the search on Facebook to find your favourite employer and like them to see their latest vacancies.


Tesco Jobs
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Sainsburys Careers
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You can use the search on LinkedIn to locate your desired company to view the latest opportunities from them.

Jump aboard the social media wagon and don't get left behind. Get your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn profiles up to date and showcase your skills.

What do you think about finding a job through social media?

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