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Reasons for Leaving a Job

Many of us dread the question “Why did you leave your last job?” To help you answer the common interview question of why you left your last position- here are some of the main reasons that people give for leaving their job.

leaving a job

1. My last company didn’t have any room for career progression. This answer is great to show the interviewer that you are looking for a role within a company that will allow you to reach your full potential. It shows you are looking for a career rather than a job.

2. I was unhappy in my last position. You can use this as an answer but ensure that you back it up with valid reasons and show that you made an attempt to rectify the problems in your last position that lead you to be unhappy. Everyone can identify with someone being unhappy in a job, but nobody wants to hire anyone who doesn’t try!

3. My contract ended/I was made redundant. If you weren’t actually fired, or didn’t actively leave your employment of your own accord, be sure to tell the interviewer this. It would be best to follow the statement up with an explanation that if that hadn’t happened you would be quite happy to have continued your employment.

4. I saw this position and left in order to pursue it. There is nothing wrong with telling an interviewer that you left your position in order to better apply yourself to a company that you think will suit you better, and a job you will perform better, provided that you are fully competent for the position.

5. I had issues with the management. This is a common reason for many people leaving jobs, but one nobody ever wants to tell an interviewer. The key to answering this in a manner that will show you to the best possible light is to advise the interviewer that you did unfortunately have an issue with your manager that despite your best attempts at resolution you would not rectify. Ensure that you put as much emphasis on the fact you did broach the subject with the other party, and that in the end you felt it was best for your colleagues and your own career progression that you left the post.

6. I was faced with having to relocate. This is always a good reason to offer up as many people can understand that if you were asked to relocate you have the right to refuse and therefore would find yourself having to find a new job.

7. I was keen for more hours but the company couldn’t meet this. Again, in today’s climate many people simply aren’t being offered enough hours, so using work scheduling as a reason to leave is perfectly valid.

8. I misunderstood the ethos of the company I worked for. If you simply no longer feel like the company you worked for were ethical or moral, that is a good reason to give for leaving, it shows you care about the bigger picture of a company.

9. I feel I needed a fresh challenge. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you simply want more from a job, it shows you are willing to strive for the best.

10. I wanted more responsibility. Showing that you are a dependable and reliable member of staff because you are keen to take on a lot more responsibility will make you an attractive prospect.

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