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Tesco are to Create 450 Jobs in Southend

Tesco will create 450 full time and part time jobs in Southend. The new Tesco store proposed at Short Street, Southend was granted planning approval a year ago however no work has commenced and doubts are emerging that it will not be carried out at all.

The £50 million store which was due to be built on the former B&Q site car park was reportedly given planning approval however it has been suggested that Tesco is still yet to sign the legal agreement to formalise the permission.

Once the new Tesco store at Southend is built it is expected to create 450 new jobs, but no efforts have been made by the supermarket chain to commence building work.

Earlier this year Tesco chiefs announced that they intend to focus the business on their internet sales and it is anticipated that many of the store's plans for development of their existing and new stores will be delayed or cancelled.

Local residents were in support of the new store which would provide much needed jobs in the area, but now would just like to know what Tesco intend to do.

tesco southend store and job openingTesco is the biggest supermarket adnd retail chain in the UK with over 2,700 stores across the country and they are the biggest employer too with over 200,000 employees.

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What do you think about Tesco to create 450 full time and part time jobs in Southend? Will you be applying for the job vacancies? Will it be good for the town?

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