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Ten Job Search Tips for 2013

New Year, new start! With 2012 coming to an end many people may have a new job on their new year’s resolution list already. Many companies wind down hiring for Christmas, so now is the time to start thinking ahead to gain the edge on the competition. Whether you have a job at present, or are set for a new one in 2013, here are some helpful tips.


1. Prepare your image

How many of you still use the same email address you set up with your strange nickname, favourite football player or band as the main words of it? Well I hate to break it to you, but sounds far more employable than Now is the time to set yourself up with a professional address to use for Job hunting, an added plus being you know the mail into the new account is likely to be good news, and not spam! Check your voicemail to ensure that your voicemail message reflects professionally also.

2. Check your CV!

This may sound obvious, but many people have out dated or incomplete CV’s. Now is the time to dig it out, check it is correct and up to date, and add or amend anything that requires changing. Ask a friend or family member to check it over.

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3. Network!

Join LinkedIn if you are not already a member, and you might find that you can make connections with people that can help you to find a job in the area you wish to work in.

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4. Prepare yourself for interviews

Before you get an interview and are too nervous to concentrate! Visit the Job centre, or one of the many websites that offer Interview tips and advice, and go through the tips and scenarios that will help you to be better prepared for the many interviews you are going to be offered!

5. Suit up!

Now is also a good time to ensure that you have the right wardrobe for potential interviews and any subsequent work you may be offered. This will help you avoid the last minute shopping trip just to find you can’t find anything you like! Get your dress prepared and have it proudly waiting in the wardrobe for its time to shine!

6. Join Job Sites

Many job sites now let you upload your CV for employers to look for you, and also offer job alerts by email. This means you can register and then sit back and wait for potential jobs to fall into your inbox.

7. Set up a Schedule

Put aside a hour a day to check the job sites for any jobs you may have missed, having a schedule will not only help you find a job, it will ready you for it, especially if you schedule your search for the morning when you would normally be having a lazy lie in!

8. Build a list

Making a list of companies you would like to work for and sending them a speculative letter asking if they have any jobs available is a great way to find work in the New Year. As I mentioned earlier, many companies will stop hiring over the Christmas and New Year periods, so by getting your foot in the door early, you might secure yourself a job that they would otherwise have had to advertise for in the New Year.

9. Ready now?

If you are ready to work NOW, why not try applying for one of the many Christmas jobs available. A lot of these are touted as temporary, however if you do well and prove yourself you may just find yourself being asked to stay on. Why put off till tomorrow what can be done today?

10. Get the party out of your system

Enjoy the rest of 2012 while it lasts and go into 2013 focussed and ready for your new job!!!

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