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The Top Ten Healthcare Jobs

Looking for a career in healthcare? Look no further for inspiration! Here we have a top ten of the roles you could play in the healthcare market.

The Top Ten Healthcare jobs

1. Doctor. Doctors in the UK usually commandeer a salary of a minimum of £85,000 a year, even more if you are a consultant. Doctors usually treat and diagnose all manner of illnesses, or oversee treatment plans. You could work as a GP in a local practice, or as a Doctor in hospital. To become a Doctor you will need to attend University for a minimum of 5 years, for which you should expect to require at least 3 A levels to gain entry.

2. Surgeon. Surgeons deal with all manner of exploratory and repair work to the Human body. It can pay in excess of £80,000 a year depending on your speciality. Surgeons must follow the same route as doctors and then move into a specialism.

the top ten healthcare jobs3. Medical Technicians. Medical Technicians are the Science behind the doctors. These people are employed in the hospitals and laboratories to carry out a number of technical functions such as carrying out X Rays, blood testing and medicine preparation. The expected salary for this type of job is usually around £50,000 however its varied and interesting functions make it an attractive prospect for many workers. There are specific courses to follow if you wish to become a Medical Technician.

4. Social Workers. Social Workers work with a variety of different people from different backgrounds to help them live safe and independent lives. Some social workers work with children, and move them to safe places or help them to cope with difficult circumstances. Others work with the mentally unwell, elderly or infirm. Social Workers wages are usually around £30,000. To become a social worker you may attend courses at college on health and social care.

5. Counsellors. Counsellors come in many different specialities, and help people through issues. They may specialise in Grief, Anxiety, Relationship or Mental Health issues. They are there to listen to clients and offer advice on dealing with feelings. There are no required qualifications, although there are courses available for those wishing to become a registered counsellor. Salaries depend on speciality, but are often in excess of £25,000.

6. Pharmacist. Pharmacists are responsible for the preparation and dispensing of medication. You do need to attend university to gain your pharmaceutical degree, but the salary of £50,000 + is an attractive reason. You must have excellent attention to detail.

7. Physical Therapists. Often known as ‘Physios’, these are people who help people to regain physical movement or motor skills after an accident or surgery. The wage is usually over £30,000. A qualification in some form of sports science or health related subject is beneficial.

8. Psychiatrist. Psychiatrists work with people with Mental Health issues. They diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses, and offer support and care plans to those affected. The usual salary for a Psychiatrist is in excess of £60,000 but the job can be quite stressful. To become a Psychiatrist you must attend University.

9. Nurse. Often known as the frontline of care, Nurses are there to tend to patients needs and ensure that they are treated correctly and recovering well. They also carry out a number of auxiliary functions such as helping on operations and taking blood samples. Nurse’s wages are usually around £20,000. To become a nurse you may become an apprentice, or may study at college or university.

10. Midwife. Midwifery is the delivery of babies and care of pregnant women. Many midwives earn in excess of £40,000. To become a midwife you must study midwifery at university. It is a very rewarding job where you will be responsible for the safety of more than one life.

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