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Useful Subjects To Boost Your Career

Many of us, whether through force or through choice, carry out some form of CPD (continued professional development). However, lots of people just do not know how to go about it, or what will actually help them. Where should you start? Are some subjects better than others? Does it matter what career I have chosen? Here is a quick guide to subjects that will boost your career whatever you do.

useful subjects for your career

Learn a foreign language

Regardless of where you work or what you do, you never know who you will come into contact with. A recent study told us that Polish is the second most commonly spoken language in the UK after English. Also, many companies trade all over the world, and if you had to call the office in Beijing, Oman or Brussels, would you be able to communicate with them in their own language?

Speaking a foreign language says a lot about you. It shows you are committed, intelligent, and considerate of others. Imagine this scenario. Someone comes into your workplace, seemingly lost and speaking limited English. How amazing would it be if you were the one to help them find what they wanted? Definitely a way of getting extra brownie points with the boss…


You may already be amazing with numbers and calculations; it may be your weak point. Regardless of where you stand, improving your maths skills is not something to be frowned at. Maths as a subject requires us to think on our feet and solve problems, and even contributes towards improving how well we work under pressure.

Word Processing

Digital is the way of the world now, and in almost every job, we are required to do an amount of word processing (some jobs more than others). If you can find your way around Microsoft Word or the Open Office equivalent confidently, you are well on your way to becoming a valued asset.

Business Studies

Commonly overlooked in schools, studying how a business works and the various ins and outs is not a pointless venture. It doesn’t matter what role you have, or even if you are a self-employed business person: understanding the running of a business can help you to fit in better as a part of the company to ensure its successful continuance.

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