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How to Say Thank You After a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's important to say Thank you to your potential employer in order to increase your chance of being employed.

Careerleaf made an outstanding infographic that shows you the right ways of saying thank you after your job interview.


  • What is the best way to write it? According to research, handwritten thank you notes are much more effective than those written on computers as it is more personal.

  • It's ok to send the interviewer an email or contact them through Social Media

  • Don't be shy – you could record your thank you note onto a sound file instead of writing it!

  • Sending a gift with your letter would be considered bribery so not a good idea.

  • 22% of HR Managers say that they are less likely to hire somebody who didn't send a thank you letter.

  • Don't go back to the office in person to say thank you – this could be taking up valuable time for the interviewer and could seem like pestering.

  • Don't send something too long.

  • Don't call the day after, leave it a few days before you ring to speak to them. If you are keen not to waste any time then the thank you letter is vital.

How to Say Thank You After a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Say Thank You After a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

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