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What Women Want from Their Career [INFOGRAPHIC]

A global LinkedIn study has been reviewed to identify what women want to achieve from their careers.

In summary, this is:

  • These days a 'successful career' to 63% of the women questioned is being able to create a good balance between work and home.

  • This is in contrast to the results 5-10 years ago when a 'successful career' meant a high salary to the majority of people.

  • Of the women interviewed, those in the two developing countries Brazil and India in the study indicated the highest satisfaction that their career had been a success so far, rating it 88% and 94% (respectfully) successful!

  • The majority of women questioned agreed that they can have a fulfilling career, relationship, and children and that having children would not slow down their career.

  • The biggest challenge to careers identified by the women who were interviewed was a lack of a clearly defined career path.

  • The vast majority of women interviewed believe that their physical appearance made an impact, but that it has not affected their career, although 12% of those interviewed take advantage of their physical appearance in the workplace.

What Women Want from Their Career [INFOGRAPHIC]

What Women Want from Their Career [INFOGRAPHIC]

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