How Can Your Social Media Obsession Help with Your Career [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are so many different jobs out there and it's such a big choice that it's difficult to know where to start. Well if you're a big fan of social media and know who to talk to and where to find people then perhaps you'd be a great Social Media Marketer?

What Are the Most Dangerous, Weirdest, Highest and Lowest Paying Jobs? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone is aware that there is a wide variety of jobs available, and these come with differing responsibilities and compensation. But wouldn't it be interesting to know more about this so that you can make decisions about which direction your job hunt and career aspirations are heading?

How the Job Hunt is Changing by Generations [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gone are the days of a 'job for life' and with it has gone the passive job hunter who gets on with their job until an opportunity throws itself in their path. These days with high turnover of staff, 24 hour services, and with the age of the internet the job market and job search has changed dramatically.

Do's and Don'ts for Job Interviews and Common Questions [INFOGRAPHIC]

WELL DONE! You've worked hard to produce an excellent CV and cover letter, presented it to your prospective employer, and been selected for interview. Now the congratulations are out of the way, how are you going to prepare for your interview? Do your research, get to know the company, and be confident and you should be onto a winner.

What are the Highest Paying and Fastest Growing IT Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are thousands of different IT jobs throughout the country, each requiring different levels of skill and expertise. If you are interested in filling one of these posts now, or thinking about your career future and goals, then you'll need to do your homework.

How to Deal with Your Job Interview in Any Situation [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is well known that the job market is tough, so you must take every opportunity to make a good impression, sell yourself and get it right first time.

- The average face-to-face interview lasts 40 minutes.

How to Make Your Job Search Scam and Spam Free [INFOGRAPHIC]

With so many people being connected to so many different social media it is surprising if we aren't contacted every week by companies saying we have won money or can claim £ thousands if we just fill in a form.

Make sure you don't get caught out by reading this infographic by Jobsite and Evenbase to know how to avoid the internet scams and spams during your job search.

Top Ten Summer Job Ideas for Jobseekers

Whether you are a student looking for work during the summer holidays, a teacher looking for something to do during the same period, or anyone else who is looking for temporary employment over the summer, there is a range of jobs that could suit you during the warmest months of the year.

During the summer, attractions, shops and many other businesses find themselves inundated with the

Best CV Font, Size and Format for a Successful Job Application [INFOGRAPHIC]

Getting your CV right makes a big difference to your chances of success. If you imagine things from a recruiter's point of view, they only have the information and presentation of your CV to go on.

In the majority of cases your CV will be most favourably received if it is printed in black on white paper, looking professional and clean.

What Happens to your CV Once Submitted for a Job Application

If you're on the hunt for a new job then you should try to understand how the recruitment process works so that you can get ahead of the competition. This excellent infographic by Behiring can give you an insight into the world of the recruiter.

Things to know for a jobseeker:

12 Helpful Tips to Stand Out from the Crowd

Finding a job is much harder than years ago and the competition amongst jobseekers is much higher for the same job. You can see from this statement that having a simple CV won't offer you the attention that you need to get a job.

Generally managers take 15 seconds to scan a CV and will only take longer if they find something of interest.

Learn What Linkedin is for Jobseekers in 30 Seconds [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're actively seeking a new career move or you're just open to opportunities that come your way then you probably have a LinkedIn profile. But if you're new to LinkedIn and not sure how it can be used then this infographic by Avid Careerist will give you a better idea of the functions of a profile.

What you Should Know Before a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are lots of things that will get you noticed at a Job Interview. Hopefully they will all be received positively and you will get the job offer.

To make sure you avoid the mistakes and take full advantage of the job interview opportunity Classes and Careers have put together this helpful infographic from

Why Social Media is More Effective than Job Boards [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're advertising job vacancies then you will want to know how best to do this, and with the growing number of people searching for thier next great job opportunity using Social Media then you can't miss out on the possibilities of online advertising.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

So you've spent hours on your CV and covering letter, and submitted it to lots of agencies and direct to companies. After much effort you've finally got yourself a job interview (HOORAH!)

Now you need to get yourself prepared for your job interview so that you can do your very best to get the job offer.

Why Do Jobseekers Need Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you've just finished your degree and you're searching for your first big break then you'll know it's a tough job market out there! With so many candidates applying for every job you'll be up against some real competition.

Get ahead of the competition by using your Social Media profiles to actively search for a job or advertise yourself as available.

Would you Lie on your CV? See the Truth [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're applying for a new job then you'll be polishing off your resume and making it the best it can be so that you get ahead of the competition. But DO NOT make the mistake of embelishing your resume to make out that you have more skills or qualifications than you actually possess. It could mean that you don't get the job, get fired, or depending in the severity you could be prosecuted!

How Jobseekers are Using Social Media for Job Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

With such a high unemployment rate the current job market is saturated, so you must use every opportunity to get ahead of the competition. That includes using your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media profiles to search for a new job and get hired.

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