12 Helpful Tips to Stand Out from the Crowd

Finding a job is much harder than years ago and the competition amongst jobseekers is much higher for the same job. You can see from this statement that having a simple CV won't offer you the attention that you need to get a job.

Generally managers take 15 seconds to scan a CV and will only take longer if they find something of interest. Take a look at these tips to make sure that your CV gets noticed and not trashed as soon as it lands on the recruiter's desk.

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1- Have you ever thought about your digital footprint online?

You may be leaving a really bad impression for potential employers via your Tweets and Facebook Likes and photos etc. so make sure that you think twice about your social media activities. It's best to avoid putting up photos or comments which relate to alcohol, or that could be considered abusive or taken out of context.

Don't just think about the current, think about the future too.

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2- Market yourself

You have probably heard this tip many times before about "selling yourself" but we think it's very worthwhile repeating it again since it's really important. Review what skills you have that relate to the job then make sure you list them clearly on your CV and Linkedin profile. A recruiter will have spent a long time thinking about the skills required, and how they want to word that so if you're CV clearly states that you have the required skills and ticks all the boxes, you are more likely to be considered favourably.

3- Right job, right application

Make sure that you apply for jobs which you are likely to be considered for. If you haven't studied for a role which requires a degree, then you won't be considered so why waste your time and the recruiters by sending in your CV.

Once you've found an appropriate job vacancy to apply for, take lots of time (which you saved not applying for that physics teacher job!) to review your CV against the job description and amend your CV to suit.

4- Make it an online CV

If you haven't already done it, tap into the online job vacancy market by creating a LinkedIn profile which can act as a CV, as well as allow you to search for LinkedIn vacancies and network with people to find the latest opportunities.

If written well your LinkedIn profile can allow people to find out more about you than a single sheet of paper which your CV is. If employers require you to submit your application via their online form or on paper, make sure you provide the URL for your LinkedIn profile.

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5- Networking

Networking is not everything but it does a lot! More followers on Twitter, more friends on Facebook, more connections on Linkedin, and a bigger circle on Google+ will increase your chances of finding a job for you!

6- Interview process is important

If you don't know anything about the company then you can't answer very simple questions when they ask you during the interview. Being silent or giving answers irrelevant to "company related questions" will make you more stressed throughout the interview and lead to rejection. Take your time and research to know more about your prospective employer.

7- First impression from the employer

Dress appropriately and smartly in order to give them an excellent first impression at your first meeting with the company.

8- Look confident

Try not to look desperate during the whole job application process even if you are! If you are relaxed, smiling, confident and seem in control then you will give clearer answers and are more likely to get a positive response from the recruiter.

9- Use LinkedIn effectively

You can find many guides about using Linkedin effectively for job searching, just Google this and start reading to learn more about using Linkedin! Millions of recruiters are head-hunting people just like you. Get recommendations and endorsement from clients, colleagues and employers whenever possible.

LinkedIn is free however they have premium user option which you can consider.

10- Don't stick to one place for the job search

Don't rely on your job board, recruitment agency or social media - use them all at the same time and keep on top of your job search in order not to miss the possible opportunities.

11- Search Jobs while Already Employed

It's always best to search jobs while you are already employed. When you have decided to move on to something else then start your hunting before handing your resignation letter. You will that this is the less stressful way of doing job hunt.

12- Right CV can get you a job or lose

CV is no longer a paper, you know this right? Your Linkedin profile, Twitter and Facebook accounts and Google+ page and actually anywhere you appear online is your CV, anything that you post to your accounts will be breadcrumbs where employers will find you by following them.

If you have much knowledge about creating your CV or social media accounts then seek professional help.

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