Do's and Don'ts for Job Interviews and Common Questions [INFOGRAPHIC]

WELL DONE! You've worked hard to produce an excellent CV and cover letter presented it to your prospective employer, and been selected for an interview. Now the congratulations are out of the way, how are you going to prepare for your interview? Do your research, get to know the company, and be confident and you should be a winner.

Highest Paying Careers has produced this infographic to help you better understand what is involved in the interview process, including examples of common questions, so that you can prepare effectively.

In summary:

  • Do the basic research – find out about the company ethics, the job role, and what skills the interviewer will be looking for.

  • Practice your answers to the most popular interview questions, ideally role play with a friend, but failing that you can practice your answers to yourself. Either write them down or speak them out loud to assist you in memorizing your response.

  • Present yourself and your CV well. Wear suitable attire and take a clean copy of your CV with you.

  • Memorize at least 3 questions to ask the employer about the job, the company or their job role. Just asking what the salary does not count as a question, although it may be appropriate to bring this up.

  • Try to be professional and confident from the moment you step through the door to the minute you leave.

  • There will always be a question that is unexpected and throws you. Just remain calm and do the best you can... chances are your competition won't have a clue how to answer it either!

Do's and Don'ts for Job Interviews and Common Questions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do's and Don'ts for Job Interviews and Common Questions [INFOGRAPHIC]


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