How Can Your Social Media Obsession Help with Your Career [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are so many different jobs out there and it's such a big choice that it's difficult to know where to start. Well if you're a big fan of social media and know who to talk to and where to find people then perhaps you'd be a great Social Media Marketer? 

There are 2 billion people checking their Facebook accounts on a monthly basis, and these individuals form a massive market. If the companies selling goods can sell to even a fraction of this market, that's a lot of sales! So companies employ Social Media Marketers to better understand the market and create campaigns to sell to the individuals. Take a look at this Infographic to better understand how this could help your career plans.

In summary:

  • 77% of businesses selling direct to customers acquired their customers through Facebook.
The three countries with the most Twitter users are the USA, Brazil, and Japan, and 34% of marketers have gained leads through Twitter.

  • 69% of customers visiting Pinterest have found an item they have bought or wanted to buy.

  • There are over 500 million users registered on Google+ and 40% of marketers have an account.

  • 50% of small businesses have reported gaining new business through social media.

  • If you post between 1-4pm EST you'll receive a higher number of click-throughs.

  • People have limited time to check their social media so make Tweets short and pertinent and use images to get your messages across.

  • Use the right social media for your marketing campaign – do some research and find out who you're aiming your campaign at and which demographic uses various social media. The majority of Google+ users are single males. 80% of Pinterest users are women, and 50% of Pinterest users have children.

  • Don't just blindly send out messages without responding to what comes back. 56% of customers' tweets are ignored, leading to reduced return customers.

  • 30% of brands are not using social media to its full potential because they don't have employees with the right skills.

How Can Your Social Media Obsession Help with Your Career [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Can Your Social Media Obsession Help with Your Career [INFOGRAPHIC]


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