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How the Job Hunt is Changing by Generations [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gone are the days of a 'job for life and with it has gone the passive job hunter who gets on with their job until an opportunity throws itself in their path. These days with the high turnover of staff, 24-hour services, and the age of the internet the job market and job search have changed dramatically.

Check out The New Job Hunt infographic by Career Builder to get a better understanding of how the job search has changed and what your competitors in the race for a new job are up to!

In summary:

  • The majority of people interviewed are either actively seeking a new job or open to new opportunities presenting themselves.

  • Over a third of those interviewed were preparing for their next career move within weeks of starting a new job.

  • Employees should currently expect to spend about 3 years on average in each post, whereas 50 years ago this was 11 years in each job.

  • With so much information now available online, job hunters are now doing considerable research such as viewing the company's website, reading reviews on social media, or simply reading news about the companies they may work for prior to applying for the job.

  • The average job hunter is treating their job search like they would a major purchase, using over 14 unique resources while searching compared to using 11 unique resources when contemplating insurance, or 10 when opening a new bank account or planning a trip.
The way recruiters advertise their posts and conduct their selection process makes an impact on the number and type of candidates they will attract, and they must continue to keep this in mind throughout the process. For the candidates, make sure that you avoid the stress of searching for a new job as soon as you arrive at the next one by doing plenty of research into the company before you make any rash decisions.

How the Job Hunt is Changing by Generations [INFOGRAPHIC]

How the Job Hunt is Changing by Generations [INFOGRAPHIC]

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