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Learn What LinkedIn is for Jobseekers in 30 Seconds [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're actively seeking a new career move or you're just open to opportunities that come your way then you probably have a LinkedIn profile. But if you're new to LinkedIn and not sure how it can be used then this infographic by Avid Careerist will give you a better idea of the functions of a profile. 

Your basic details are effectively your CV with contact details, your education, and your work history, but it is so much more than a static CV where people can interrogate links that they are interested in seeing who you're connected to.

In summary:

- Your LinkedIn profile can connect you to work colleagues, friends, and groups so that you can network to find job opportunities.

- Use your profile to show readers what you are interested in, your experience and who you are. This can help to build bonds between you and readers or prospective employers.

- Make yourself into a brand by using the same photos or images on all of your profiles and connecting other social media to your LinkedIn profile (and make sure all your social media sites are professional!)

- Depending on your security settings, people can search for various aspects and your profile could come up on their list, they will then be able to read your basic profile. Making connections allows readers to navigate through your entire profile to see more.

- You can join groups to share your interests, geography, or a particular career to get yourself known within certain circles.

- Make sure you provide links to previous or current employment so that people can better understand your experience.

- Search for jobs that are posted on LinkedIn so that you're first to apply.

- Anyone connected with you, clients, employees, colleagues, etc. can leave testimonials about you. Take full advantage of this by asking everyone you deal with to make a recommendation so that when it comes to looking for new work you will be able to sell yourself better.

LinkedIn is far more than a CV, so take full advantage and let people know about you. Even if the job advert asks for your CV on paper, provide a web address for your LinkedIn profile so they can get more than just a single sheet in the post.

Learn What LinkedIn is for Jobseekers in 30 Seconds [INFOGRAPHIC] 

Learn What LinkedIn is for Jobseekers in 30 Seconds [INFOGRAPHIC]

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