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Top Ten Summer Job Ideas for Jobseekers

Whether you are a student looking for work during the summer holidays, a teacher looking for something to do during the same period, or anyone else who is looking for temporary employment over the summer, there is a range of jobs that could suit you during the warmest months of the year.

During the summer, attractions, shops and many other businesses find themselves inundated with the holidaying families and require additional staff. But where should you apply? Here are the top 10 summer jobs to get you started.

summer job

1) Retail

Supermarkets, high street stores and shopping centre outlets are crying out for staff at this time of year thanks to families spending more money while shopping with their children. Retail often require casual staff too, so getting in as a summer colleague could keep you in their minds for casual work in the future if you are flexible to undertake it. Check the local newspaper for retail jobs in your area.

2) Gardening

We all have neighbours, and many of us aren’t the biggest fan of mowing, edging, weeding and watering. Make yourself some flyers and pop them through all the doors in your local area to drum up interest. Don’t forget to include a phone number so they can reach you. Alternatively, enquire with your local council.

3) Babysitting or nannying

Qualified childminders can charge around £40 per day per child, which soon mounts up for families with two or more children. Why not offer yourself as a babysitter or nanny to family, friends, and family friends? Even if you only ask for £20 per child with a packed lunch, it will still be money in your pocket to enable you to enjoy the summer.

4) Tourist attractions

Theme parks, water parks, fairgrounds, soft plays and other attractions that are likely to draw business over the summer will more than likely be desperate for staff. Keep an eye for advertisements or check up on the company website from May onwards to see if they are offering summer jobs.

5) Fast food

Fast food businesses are busy all year round, but many have a high turnover of staff due to many seeing the job as a ‘stopgap’ until they find their next role. Take advantage of this and put your CV in at all the cafes, restaurants, takeaways and fast food outlets you are able to get to easily. It might even be that they need you on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year, which would be ideal for someone flexible or who requires work outside of term time.

6) Tutoring

Do you have a skill? Teaching someone a musical instrument or a foreign language is the perfect way to get yourself into work over the summer. Advertise in the Ad Mag or on Gumtree to let people know you offer the service. Whatever your skill, promote it just in case someone is looking to learn something new in your area.

7) Cleaning

Many contract cleaning companies need extra staff throughout the year, especially during summer where existing colleagues may be looking to take holiday, allowing them to spend time with family, so keep your feelers out for work of this nature. Alternatively, offer to clean for friends and family or, as mentioned in pointer (2), make some flyers to pop through the doors around your area.

8) Bar work

There is nothing better than sitting in a sunny beer garden with a chilled pint or a cool crisp glass of wine in your hand. Pubs and bars often find they have an increased number of customers when the weather is nice, especially at weekends. Ask at the bar to see if they are offering summer work, taking a copy of your CV with you.

9) Volunteering

Volunteer work is not usually paid (unless you are very lucky) but it has its own merits. Not only will you get to spend some of your time helping a cause close to your heart, but saying that you have done voluntary work in your CV looks amazing to a potential employer. Charity shops are the best place to start, and you may even find they have field opportunities for you too.

10) Opportunities Abroad

If you fancy something further afield, there are opportunities all over the world just waiting for you. Love to party? Become a holiday rep or sell tickets for a venue abroad. Speak a foreign language? Teach the native speakers how to speak English! Looking for something a bit more cultured? Vineyards and olive groves employ people to pick grapes and olives throughout the summer. Italy is the home of olives, where you might find work on a vineyard in France if you prefer the idea of being part of the wine-making process.

Finland has an enormous summer job market, and even advertise worldwide for candidates to fill the vacancies. If you feel like leaving the UK this summer to spend some time in another culture, learning a new language and having the experience of a lifetime, there are plenty of job ideas for you to choose from.

Enjoy hunting for your perfect summer job!

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