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What Are the Most Dangerous, Weirdest, Highest and Lowest Paying Jobs? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone is aware that there is a wide variety of jobs available, and these come with differing responsibilities and compensation. But wouldn't it be interesting to know more about this so that you can make decisions about which direction your job hunt and career aspirations are heading?

JobZoo has produced an infographic that does just that – offering an overview of job roles that you may never have even thought about, and how they stand in the compensation statistics.

In summary:

  • No surprise that the highest-paid jobs are reserved for CEO and Directors of major companies. But airline pilots still make an excellent wage from £45-75k.

  • Senior Police Officers earn £51-58.7k per annum while Mining and Engineering Managers earn anywhere between £38-53k... nothing to be sniffed at!

  • There are some very weird jobs in the world that most of us wouldn't have even thought existed, but Egg Sniffer or Road Kill Cleaner (the most common job in the USA!) could be your calling.

  • The most dangerous profession in the world is the Truck driver with 905 deaths per year – the majority of which are from reckless driving.

What Are the Most Dangerous, Weirdest, Highest, and Lowest Paying Jobs?[INFOGRAPHIC]

What Are the Most Dangerous, Weirdest, Highest and Lowest Paying Jobs?[INFOGRAPHIC]

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