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What you Should Know Before a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are lots of things that will get you noticed in a Job Interview. Hopefully, they will all be received positively and you will get the job offer.

To make sure you avoid the mistakes and take full advantage of the job interview opportunity Classes and Careers have put together this helpful infographic from Come Recommended.

So here are the most important bits:

- Non-verbal communication is just as important, perhaps more so, than what you actually say. The most common non-verbal mistake is failure to make eye contact. So be confident and look your interviewer in the eye.

- 47% of managers surveyed stated that candidates that had no knowledge of the company were detrimental to their job interview.

- The average length of an interview is 40 minutes yet a third of recruiters claimed they know within the first 90 seconds whether the candidate will be hired, so make sure that first impression is positive!

- The first impression is vital, and over 50% of what makes up the first impression is the way we dress, act, and walk through the door, a further 38% is the quality of our voice, grammar, and overall confidence so take your time to prepare and stand tall and be confident when you get there.

What you Should Know Before a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

What you Should Know Before a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

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