Why Social Media is More Effective than Job Boards [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're advertising job vacancies then you will want to know how best to do this, and with the growing number of people searching for their next great job opportunity using Social Media then you can't miss out on the possibilities of online advertising.

Things to remember:

- The majority of visitors continue to find job adverts on the corporate website, but social media follows closely behind, so this is an avenue which can't be ignored.

- Social Media allows candidates to be more active and receive alerts on new vacancies. It seems natural therefore that 61% of social media visits and 95% of social media applications were in the first 7 days of a job being advertised.

- 58% of applications received by recruiters were from Social Media links.

- Although it is a minority of visitors to job boards that are using a mobile device, these visitors take 4 minutes longer to read the job ad than job board readers. So if candidates are making the effort to visit on a mobile device, they are more serious and it is important that these are not ignored and your advert is visible using these devices.

- Track and review the traffic on your website to see what has worked. Good figures to look for are: Time and Cost to Fill the Advert; Applications: Hire Ratio; Candidate Acceptance Rate.

- The cost to advertise through Social Media is usually nothing! So it makes sense to use this route.

Why Social Media is More Effective than Job Boards [INFOGRAPHIC]

TribeHR.com have put together an infographic to show what has worked for them in advertising their vacancies, and how best to use the information to advertise jobs in an effective way.

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